One Response to Fully Submitted to God through Christ

  1. Troy W. Greene says:

    I absolutely agree with your thoughts on this. I believe that Jesus was giving instruction on how we are to live, not making suggestions or talking only about how things are in Heaven.

    Being a fairly “New” Christian, I know that sometimes it’s a struggle to relinquish control to Jesus, but I know one thing for sure…the days that I make it my point to do it, when I make it a point to say…”I must decrease and you must increase”…those are the days when things just seem to go right. And even if they don’t go right, God gives me all that I need to deal with the issues and problems that may arise.

    A scripture came to my mind regarding all this as well…Luke 9: 62 says 62Jesus replied, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.”

    Now, Jesus was answering a young man who asked Jesus to let him go back and say goodbye to his family, but I believe it ties directly into what you have written about. I believe he’s saying that this isn’t something that you can do half-heartedly. You must let Jesus be Lord over ALL you have and ALL you are.

    Just my two cents on it.

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